AzOTC Annual Thanksgiving Potluck and Hikes (Cave Creek Recreation Area)

Thursday, November 26, 2015
Bev - 480 415-7147,
Food, hikes, games

It's another Thanksgiving potluck and this year we will celebrate at the Cave Creek Recreation Area. Our day will begin with hikes scheduled at 8:30 am, 9:00 am, and 10:00 am. If you don't want to hike, come for the feast. Our feast of turkey, ham, and all the fixings will be served at 12:30 pm. That will be followed by either taking a short hike, playing group games with prizes, socializing, or going to the park's visitor center near our ramada.

This is a free event for AzOTC members and their guests. All we ask is that you bring a dish to share.

Please call/email the leader no later than Tuesday, November 24 to sign up, get directions to the park and our ramada, and let her know what dish you will be bringing.

You are invited to join us for all or part of the day. The guest fee is waived for this event.

3 Thanksgiving Day-Cave Creek Rec. Area Hikes:

RATINGS: B+, B, and C / LENGTHS: 7.5 mi, 6.5 mi, and

LEADERS: Bud, Grace, and Howard


You don't have to participate in the Thanksgiving potluck to hike! The following hikes will be led by 3 of our club members Thanksgiving morning. The meeting place for all three hikes will be at Ramada #3 in the Cave Creek Recreation area. There is a $6 per vehicle entry fee at the park - and you can park right next to our Ramada.

Please carry 2 quarts of water for Bud and Grace's hike, and 1 quart of water for Howard's hike. Sturdy hiking boots are recommended for Bud and Grace's hike. Salty snacks are a good idea for all hikes, but don't overdo it on the snacking as I'm sure everyone is going to be eating lots of food the rest of the day! The guest fee is waived for all Thanksgiving activities!

- Hike#1 will be led by Bud. This will be a fast paced, 7.2 mile loop encompassing some of the parks newest trails. He will start out on the Go John Trail, followed by the Quartz, Slate, and Jasper Trails before getting back onto the Go John Trail. This hike has more elevation gain than the other two hikes being offered, but with that said, you will only be climbing less than 1000 ft. Please meet Bud at Ramada #3 at 8:30 am. You can reach Bud at 303-868-0216.

- Hike #2 will be led by Grace. Grace will also lead a loop hike, but hers is 6.5 miles in length. This will be moderately paced with a little over 500 ft elevation gain. Grace's hike will begin on the Go-John Trail and end on the Overton trail. Please meet Grace at Ramada #3 at 9 am. You can reach Grace at 480-767-1727.

- Hike #3 will be led by Howard. Howard is leading a hike to Clay Mine. This is slow paced, less than 3 miles with minimal elevation. The trail is not typical of desert hiking, as there are few rocks on this wide trail. The treat on this hike is the old Clay Mine at your turn around point. The mine is fenced off, but is still a great place for picture taking. Please meet Howard at Ramada #3 at 10 am. Howard can be reached at 480-962-9321.