Barnhardt Trail #43 Hike (Mazatzals)

Saturday, April 30, 2016 - 06:45
Don - 480-209-7963
Bev - 480-415-7147
B+ and C+ LENGTH 14 mi (B+) and 9 mi (C+) ELEV GAIN: 1930 ft (B+) & 1500 ft (C+) PACE: Medium

Meet at 6:45 am (depart at 7:00) at the Wendy’s in Fountain Hills, just west of US 87 on Shea Blvd.

The Barnhardt Trail is considered the most popular trail in the Matzatzal Wilderness for good reason. Barnhardt Canyon has beautiful rock formations, coloration and solitude. We begin in desert-like conditions, but soon we’ll enter Barnhardt Canyon with a steady climb. About 2.5 miles in there’s a great waterfall which may be flowing at this time of the year. Garden Spring at the bottom of the canyon gurgles among enticing pools and inaccessible narrow passages.

Bev will turn the C+ hikers around at about the 4.5 mile point where the canyon tops out.

Don will continue the B+ hike to the intersection of the Matzatzal Divide Trail on the Arizona Trail. We’ll return the same direction.

Wear sturdy hiking boots and bring at least 3 (C+) or 4 (B+) quarts of water, electrolytes, and a light lunch/snacks.

Cost to non-members is $5. Guests and new members should contact the hike leader prior to the hike.