Bell Trail Hike (near Sedona)

Saturday, April 4, 2015 - 06:45
Bev Koslow -, 480-415-7147
Dan Rothman -, 480-773-5197
B LENGTH: 10 mi ELEV. GAIN: 1700 ft. PACE: Medium

Meet at 6:45 am (depart 7:00 am) at the Park-and-Ride at the southwest corner of the Bell Road exit to I-17.

We’ll explore Wet Beaver Creek, a real Arizona oasis, and the surrounding Wet Beaver Creek Wilderness Area.

The Bell Trail, sitting high above and to the north of Wet Beaver Creek, can be divided into three sections.

The first section runs through open mountains and tons of prickly pear cacti. The highlight of this portion of the trail is a large igneous boulder covered in ancient petroglyphs.

The middle section of the trail slowly climbs through red cliffs on a narrow ledge.

The short third section drops to Wet Beaver Creek at the Bell Crossing.

Those wishing to stop here, after 3.5 miles, may do so and explore the Beaver’s Tongue, a famous landmark and summer water hangout. The rest of us will cross Wet Beaver Creek and ascend an additional 1.5 miles (and 1200 feet) up the very scenic Long Canyon, before turning back.

Wear sturdy hiking boots and bring plenty of water; also a swimsuit if you’re interested in taking a dip and the weather’s warm enough for it; and water sandals if you wish to keep your feet dry at the Bell Crossing.

Cost to non-members is $5, and non-members must always call one of the hike leaders in advance.