Bisbee 1000 - The Great Stair Climb

Saturday, October 17, 2015
"Missed The Turn" Mark -, 602-725-4993
Run or walk (rate yourself) LENGTH: 4.5 mi ELEV GAIN: ~1175 ft (1000 steps on nine staircases) PACE: Medium to gasping

Calling all "Stair Masters!" Join "Missed The Turn" Mark on his first try at the Bisbee 1000. This will be an in-town and possibly quite crowded event. I have registered a month ago but will adjust my start time a bit if you check in. Give me a heads-up before the race and then call me Saturday morning or Friday night so we can start looking for each other.

Dress for stair climbing, not hiking (think running shoes and light gear). Remember there is an entrance fee for this event that you will have to do on your own. That said, come watch me trip, fall, stumble, possibly get trampled in the historic town of Bisbee.

There is an interesting comment at the Bisbee event website, "The most unique physical fitness challenge (or friendly fitness walk) in the USA! Bisbee 1000 - The Great Stair Climb is the only outdoor stair climb in the U.S. and is arguably one of the most unusual and challenging events in the world."