Carr Lake Fractured Loop Hike (Mogollon Rim)

Sunday, September 6, 2015
"Missed The Turn Mark" Ashley -, 602-725-4993
B- LENGTH: 9.7+ mi ELEV GAIN: <1000 Ft PACE: Fast

Come wander above the Rim with "MTTM" on a trail that is bound to give me the chance to live up to my name!

This is a basically flat and nearly 10 mile loop starting near Woods Canyon Lake, and we might see the beginnings of fall in that area. Be prepared for fall conditions at 7,000 feet, my bad jokes, weird choices for music, and a possible lunch afterwards.

Contact me by 8 pm the Friday before the hike for meet-up details. Note also that I have not done a recon of this trail as of the posting of this event.

Cost to non-members is $5.