General Membership Meeting

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 - 18:45

The location of our monthly General Membership meeting is the Marriott Suites in Old Town Scottsdale. The Marriott is located immediately east of Scottsdale Road at 7325 East Third Avenue, just one block north of Indian School Road. Join Diane Luce as she takes us on a fantastic hiking and biking trip to China. Come and learn many truths about China that are not necessarily in the news. Be there and see remarkable photos of her hiking the Great Wall, Hua Shan in the Old Quarter in Xian. Learn more about the Terra Cotta Warriors than you will ever read in the news. See what bugs are favorite cuisine. Yummy!! Hear about the serious pollution problem, and why few people can drive. Learn why many men will never have Chinese wives because of ancient birth control laws. Much time will be given to Q&A at the end. Come early and get a good seat; this is one program you don't want to miss!