General Membership Meeting

Tuesday, January 7, 2014 - 18:45

Join Grace Chen as she shares her Galapagos adventure with us. Grace is no stranger as she's back for her sixth encore presentation. She will take us to 16 islands, most with its own unique fauna, flora, seascape and landscape. View the amazing wildlife photography of birds, sea lions, sea turtles, crabs, giant tortoises, marine and land iguanas. Learn about these animals' natural habitat and life cycle. New for this presentation, see amazing underwater images as Grace swam with the sea lions, sea turtles, sharks, etc. She will relate her near hypothermia experience!! This fast-paced, multimedia presentation features still images and movie clips of unique footage such as a bird throwing temper tantrum!! This spellbinding presentation is certain to captivate and move you and definitely not one to be missed!!! As an added bonus, Bud Tasch will present an exciting 5-minute video from the 2012 Pro Cycling Challenge which finished at Mt. Crested Butte. Come early to ensure a seat!!