General Membership Meeting

Tuesday, September 2, 2014 - 18:45

Meeting starts at 6:45 pm. The location of our monthly General Membership meeting is the Marriott Suites in Old Town Scottsdale. The Marriott is located immediately east of Scottsdale Road at 7325 East Third Avenue, just one block north of Indian School Road. Join mountain climber and world adventurer Kurt Gusinde as he shares video and slides from his recent expedition to the highest peak in North America - Denali (Mount McKinley) at a height of 20,320 feet. From bottom to top, Denali rises nearly 18,000 feet, an elevation gain unsurpassed anywhere in the world. Denali is a mountain of extreme conditions: 100 mph winds and minus-forty-degree temperatures, to quite hot with sunshine lasting up to 20 hours. Hear about some of the extreme challenges climbers faced on a daily basis and what they did to overcome them. This is one AzOTC program you don’t want to miss.