General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, January 7, 2015 - 18:45

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE WILL BE MEETING ON THE FIRST WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTH BEGINNING JANUARY 7, 2015. WE ARE ALSO MEETING AT A NEW LOCATION: Granite Reef Senior Center 1700 N Granite Reef Road Scottsdale, AZ 85257 The Senior Center is west of the 101 freeway and just north of McDowell Rd. The meeting time will remain the same - 6:45 PM We have the privilege of kicking off the new year with Glen Jenks, who lived in Ecuador for several months and visited Peru during the same time period. Join Glen as he walks us through his journey via photographs and fascinating human interest stories. He'll tell us some of his experiences while living in/visiting these two small countries while teaching us about their culture, telling us what it's like to live on/near the equator, showing us photos of their cathedrals and marketplaces, and ending with Q&A. Mark your calendars because you don't want to miss our first meeting of the New Year.