General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, August 5, 2015 - 18:45

Join us for an exciting and very relevant presentation by Cyndi Ruehl from the Superstition Area Land Trust (S.A.L.T.). Cyndi will talk to us about her playground (and ours) -- the Superstition Mountains and other gorgeous areas in Pinal County. She will tell us which trail is the most traveled in all of the United States, explain why conservation is so important to our public lands, teach us how we can keep our open spaces open, tell us how S.A.L.T is helping to provide more accessibility to our public lands. etc. S.A.L.T. is an organization of advocates, educators, and protectors to keep our public lands open for recreation and to maintain the health of their ecosystems. They have many programs including a Trail Builders Crew and Trail Stewards. Please join us for this informative presentation and see what you can do to help preserve the public lands in your own back yard!