Pine Canyon Trail #26 (Pine - Mogollon Rim)

Saturday, August 1, 2015
Dan - 480-773-5197
Bev - 480-415-7147
A/B LENGTH: 9 mi ELEV GAIN: 2867 ft/<1000 Ft PACE: Fast/Medium

Call either leader by Thursday evening, July 30th, for meeting time and location.

Our hike will be a key exchange. Dan's A group will start at the Pine TH, just south of Pine, and hike uphill through Pine Canyon to Dripping Springs. Then on past a boy scout camp, a quick jog across Pine Creek, and a hike past Parsnip Springs, before eventually hiking up steep switchbacks to the top of Pine Canyon. The views are gorgeous and the vegetation is plush in the vicinity of Pine Creek and Parsnip Springs.

Bev's B group will start at the top of Pine Canyon and hike downhill, doing and seeing everything Dan's group will see, but in the opposite direction. When our groups pass each other, we'll swap car keys so everyone has a ride back to the town of Pine without having to car shuttle.

The Rim Country Fire Department's trail maintenance crew rebuilt two huge sections of this trail and it is gorgeous with new gentle switchbacks, less rocks on the trail, and the trail meanders through more vegetation which provides better cover from the sun. Wait until you experience it, as you are in for a treat!

Wear sturdy hiking boots, sunscreen, hat, a minimum of 3 quarts of water, salty snacks, and lunch. Hiking sticks are helpful, especially for the B group going downhill on the switchbacks.

Cost to non-members is $5.