Tin Trough, Baby Granite Lollypop Hike (Prescott)

Sunday, October 16, 2016
"Missed The Turn Mark" - mnashley@yahoo.com, 602-725-4993
B LENGTH: 11 mi ELEV GAIN: 1300+ ft PACE: Medium

Contact leader for meeting time and location.

Tin Trough, Tin Trough!  I am sorry Mrs. Torrannce, that doesn't spell anything in the mirror, but now that I have your attention...come join MTTM in mid-October for a jaunt between the Granite Mountains in Prescott.  We will start from the Williamson Valley Trailhead and then head right into uncharted territory.  That is correct.  Heat prevented me from hiking this part, but my trek up Tin Trough suggested that it might be better to come back that way.  This fire damaged canyon was full of grass and flowers when I hiked it in September, but was completely exposed.  In mid-October, the sun should be gentler, but be prepared for very little shade.  Be prepared too for weather conditions in Prescott in October.  

Bring a minimum of 3 liters of water and a max of 5.  Have snacks and appropriate gear.  

Optional lunch on the way back at quite a nice place in Prescott.  

Contact the leader by 9 pm the Thursday before the hike for the meetup place and time.

Cost for non-members is $5.