Trail 252+ in the Spur Cross Preserve

Sunday, February 26, 2017
"Missed The Turn Mark" -, 602-725-4993
B LENGTH: 7+ mi ELEV GAIN: ~1100 ft PACE: Medium

Contact the hike leader by Thursday evening before 9 pm to arrange link up site and time.

Spur Cross, Spur Cross! Come join "Missed The Turn Mark" on a ramble, then ascent and tumble-scrumble along Trail 252 in the Spur Cross area. We will head north and warm up but will have to cross the creek once or twice before we head up towards the limestone. I am not sure if the followers will be cursing but I know the leader will be on this leg. Next, we cross the pass and zig-zag our way into what I like to call the"gardens of stone" before we hit the Elephant Mountain Trail and return.

We could be heroes and take the long way round and extend this far beyond 7 miles but that will depend on the group. Be prepared for high desert conditions in February. Tote 3 liters of water and a lunch, just in case we go long.

Possible lunch stop in Cave Creek afterwards.

One last note, there are lots of brush and close spots on this trail which makes the possibility of snake encounters likely if winter conditions do not keep the serpents asleep. Contact the leader if there are questions.

Cost to non-members is $5.