Weaver's Needle Loop Hike (Superstitions)

Saturday, December 16, 2017 - 06:45
Don Mowry - dgmowry@gmail.com, 480-209-7963
B+ LENGTH: 12.5 mi ELEV GAIN: ~2,500 ft PACE: Medium

Meet at 6:45 am (depart at 7:00 am) at the Holiday Inn on the SW corner of Country Club and US 60. 

This hike offers great views of Weaver's Needle from all directions.  We'll hike counterclockwise up the Bluff Springs Trail and connect with the Terrapin Trail.  There are two good climbs: Bluff Springs and up the Peralta at the Dutchman crossover. 

Wear zip-off long pants due to some cat’s claw bushes on the Terrapin Trail.  Bring 3-4 liters of water, electrolytes and food. No dogs or children please.  Bring raingear. 

Non-members - please call the leader before the hike.