AHTC Policies

Club Bylaws

The AHTC bylaws are available here.

Membership Policy

AHTC Membership is established on an annual basis. The annual fee is $20.00 for individuals or $30.00 for families. All renewal dates will be January 1. New members will pay a prorated membership fee for the first year; the amount depending on the time of year the membership begins. See the newsletter for more information. Annual membership dues will then be due on January 1 for each subsequent year. May all members be reminded that the AHTC is a non-profit club operated for the benefit of the members and community. Your active participation is most desired and continually encouraged.

Activity Guidelines

AHTC leaders plan and manage a large number and wide variety of activities for the benefit of members. Click here to view the complete activity guidelines to help you better understand how things work so you can take full advantage of the opportunities.

Guest Policy

We welcome guests! Please give us a try! Guests are always permitted to attend General Meetings at no cost. We also encourage guests to participate in our other activities (rules and space permitting).   For up to two events (hikes, bike rides, etc.), there is no guest fee.  Thereafter, guests will be charged a fee of $5.00 to participate in these events.  Guest fees may subsequently be applied to the payment of full club membership dues for that year. Selected activities are open to members only. For paid activities, non-members will be assessed an additional fee based on the cost of the activity. Guests must sign a liability release and be aware of the ACTIVITY RATING GUIDE.

Activity Policy

  • Activity write-ups must go through the appropriate coordinator.
  • All activities will have a $5.00 guest charge for non-members. Sign up sheets and monies should be turned into the Treasurer or Activities Chairperson.
  • A payment request for expenses related to an activity must first be approved in writing by the Activities Chairperson prior to submission to the Treasurer.
Carpool Policy

On activities that involve carpooling, the average cost of operating a car for the round trip from the meeting place and back will be divided equally among the passengers and paid to the person who volunteers to drive. The cost for operating a car includes direct mileage-based expenses, specifically gas, routine maintenance (e.g., oil replacement), and tires. The current club recommended operating cost reimbursement rate is 17 cents per mile. This recommendation, which will be updated periodically, is based on the most current (2015) edition of the American Automobile Association’s annual publication: "Your Driving Costs - How Much Are You Really Paying to Drive?" Volunteer drivers will have the option to charge their passengers for gas only, as has been AHTC's policy in the past. At the meeting place, the activity leader should arrange people into carpools so that the cost-per-person for carpooling is as close to equal as practical for all passengers.

Board Meetings

Board meetings are generally held once per month with a break during the hot summer months.